Enterprise culture:

Corporate mission to promote industry progress, promote social development


Enterprise vision:

Let the world so some families are beautiful


Enterprise spirit:

Vision heart build unity



Adhering to the excellent brand concept, focus on the long term (sustainable) development of the enterprise, adhere to the people-oriented management and innovative products and services


Heart to build:

Heart care staff, build broad career development space for employees

Attentively to build products to the world vision to make curtain products and keep improving the quality of consciousness;

Heart touched by the customer, sincerely listen to customer needs, to provide seamless service:

Heart to give back to society, and make due contribution to social development.



Teamwork, brave in exploitation, leave, create brilliant.


Management idea:

People-oriented, integrity management, excellent quality, innovative technology, mutual win-win, standardize the management, sustainable development.


Corporate values:

Loyalty, sharing and learning, embrace change, teamwork, full of passion, go all out.

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